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SEO And Web Design In New Braunfels, TX

How We Create Results For Your Local Business

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Eye-Catching Branding

We Develop Inclusive Brands That Appeal To Humans

When it comes to brand development for the current world, it's important to keep all humans in mind. We work with brands that currently or want to make inclusivity a focus. 

We can guarantee that when we're done, your brand will catch the attention of more people than ever before. 

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A Real Difference in Traffic

A Solid Content Strategy Can Make All The Difference

In late 2023, Google turned its sights to quality websites with useful content. Some websites saw tremendous growth...others were not so lucky.

A solid content strategy, i.e., offering helpful articles on your site, can not only boost your industry authority, it will provide a higher opportunity for conversion, organic traffic, and client satisfaction. 

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Don't Waste Your Marketing Budget

Focus On Running Your Business While We Focus On Finding You More

SEO has evolved, drastically, over the years. Sometimes, it's literally changing monthly. But you have orders to put in. Clients who expect flawless services. How can you possibly keep up with everything?

Hiring an SEO agency can not only save on advertising dollars, it's a far better long-term solution for finding potential clients. We offer multiple packages to fit every need, since we know you aren't like anyone else. 

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WordPress Website Builds

For Flexibility and SEO, WordPress Is Unmatched

We build gorgeous WordPress websites, utilizing the Divi theme. It allows us to create dynamic and responsive designs that are guaranteed to set you apart from competitors.

Dependent on additional services, you can expect to launch your brand new WordPress website within 90 days. Wouldn't it be cool to show off a new website next quarter?


Photography That Excites

Your Brand Deserves Photography With Pizazz

With over 13 years of professional photography experience, Jen is able to bring your brand to life, whether its product photography or headshots for the team. 

We'll Be A Good Fit If...

You Avoid Anything "Cookie Cutter"
You Know Squarespace And Wix Are Limited For SEO
Your Brand Feels A Bit "Blah"
You're Ready For A Long-Term Solution For Marketing
You Want To Stand Apart From Competitors
You Want To Hone In On Your Ideal Client
You Want More Time In Your Life
You're Just Not Sure What To Do Next And Want Guidance
You Know SEO Takes Time And It's Worth It

Some Recent Brand/Website Revamps

What Our Clients Have To Say...

Jen is a PRO!! She will listen to your needs and come up with a plan to boost your web presence and write creative, informative blogs for Google’s finicky search engine. I’ve seen an uptick in online inquiries since we started this project and I could not be more pleased with all her work!

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Lisa Hause

Lisa Hause Photography

I hired Jen to do a website audit for me. Jen provided a lot of helpful information. Jen was able to show me things that needed to be worked on through slides and screen sharing. Jen set very reasonable expectations and built trust during our meeting.

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Cedric Jones


Jenna is the hardest-working and most detail-oriented person I have met and they were made for this kind of work! I was looking for a fresh start and I hired Jenna immediately following our meeting. I'm happy to say that the results were beyond my expectations and now Avery Atelier running our SEO.

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J Bell

J Bell Photography

Jen did such a great job updating my website! Their thoughtful approach to design created an eye-pleasing, customer-friendly website chocked full of information. Best of all, I'm set for future success. I highly recommend working with Avery Atelier for your website needs.

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Karie Sevigny

Clear Learning Group

Jen often anticipated my questions and my needs and had already done the research and provided the solutions before I even asked. At all times they were completely organized, with a plan that was well-thought-out and professionally implemented.

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Linda McWhorter

True Love Moments

For Your Burning Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Contract?

The one thing I really need to emphasize is that SEO takes time. Especially wedding SEO—most markets are super saturated.

Just like any meaningful change, it only sticks if it’s gradual. We ask for a minimum of three months, but if you’re looking for real, meaningful growth, you should consider investing in 6+ months.

Regardless of time commitment, there will be a contract to protect you!

When you contact us, we’ll discuss what your goals are and the amount of time these needs/goals might need.

Can You Guarantee Page 1?

SEO is, much like the weather, more or less unpredictable. Sure, there are a lot of “musts,” but it is impossible to forecast a definite outcome. However, we can guarantee improvement! The great news is that because wedding clients are looking for the best fit, even reaching page 2 or 3 can be beneficial!

I'm not sure this is the right time. What do you think?

If you’re ready to make more money and increase traffic to your site, that’s a good first sign! On a more technical side, you’ll benefit most from having a business at least 2-3 years old, a blog with multiple posts, and an established review presence.

Don’t fret! If you’re just starting out, we can help you create a game plan so you don’t have to redo anything as time passes.

Will you work with my competitors?

Specifically for SEO, we’ll only work with 2-3 of each vendor type in each local industry. It’s on a first-come, first-service basis, so if someone’s SEO needs clash with yours, we’ll turn them down and stay focused on you. 

Who is your ideal client?

Believe it or not, but SEO isn’t right for everyone—specifically those looking for a quick fix. SEO for wedding professionals will take some time, due to the competitive nature of the industry. Expect real results between 6-9 months.

If you’re not in the position to wait that long and trust the process, you would be better served looking into PPC ads or expos.

I need just seo/branding/website work. Is it okay to do just one?

Absolutely! I have some wedding pros that do just SEO and some that only hire me for branding/website work. I’m flexible, no matter what!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! While SEO has its own payment plans, we also offer them for brand development and website builds! 

Are You Ready For Ideal Clients?