We’ll Make It Happen With Local SEO & Strengtening Your Brand! 

The Benefits of Letting a Former Wedding Pro Take Over Your SEO and Branding Journey

Yep! You heard that right…I’m one of the only SEO agencies that has actually worked weddings.

In fact, when I retired as a wedding photographer, I’d been doing it for 12 years! So let’s go over some benefits of hiring an SEO pro if you work weddings and events!

Death by Graphs

Let Me Save You

Gross. Graphs. Well, you're a Creative for a reason. Don't go blind reading hundreds of graphs. Let me do it.

Creating Eye-Catching Brands That Make Money

Brand Development

If you're going to take SEO seriously, it goes hand-in-hand with developing a brand that stands out. We will work together to make something that really sets you apart.

Time Investment

Don't Drown!

As a prior wedding vendor, I know it can take so much out of you, doing it all on your own. SEO is a full-time task all in its own.

Just let go and trust me. I gotchu.

Your Biggest Cheerleader

I'm Your Hype Human!

Sometimes, branding and SEO strategies require stepping out of your comfort zone. It can tough putting yourself out there—but I'm here to help you.

Anything worth it takes time and gentle lovin' care. And I believe in you.

Imagine your calendar filled with dream clients! 

We Will Absolutely Use Local SEO to Find Your Dream Clients


And Having a Brand So Unforgettable, People Gush About It When They Reach Out

When you started your event company, it was most likely with an entrepreneurial spirit of, “I don’t want to work for The Man. I want to be my own boss!” Cheers to that, friend! But then, I’m sure, you realized, “Oh shit, wtf is SEO?” or “What is my brand??”

All totally normal and all totally annoying for anyone who doesn’t want to think about it. But SEO for wedding pros is a different beast, especially for branding. So many people step in, and few know how to stand out. 

Web Design

With an extensive background in WordPress Divi theme, we can make some magic!

Full-Service SEO

In six months, you’re going to see results. Isn’t that exciting?

Brand Development

Looking to start fresh? We can absolutely reintroduce your brand to the world with intention.


SEO/Brand Audit

Need a starting point? I’ll help you figure out exactly where you are and where to begin.

Your Company Deserves Tender Lovin’ Care


My obsession with helping brands succeed is like a gamer addict trying to defeat The Big Boss.

Nowadays, creating a noteworthy and memorable brand takes real thought and strategy. Local SEO, while powerful, can only take your brand so far without a great website and cultivated brand message.

It all works together as one, which is why it’s important to approach SEO with the whole picture in mind.

2024 Is Coming Fast!

Are You Ready For Inquiries?

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Recent Brand & Website Builds

Karie Sevigny

Karie Sevigny

Clear Learning Group

Jenna Avery did such a great job updating my website! Their thoughtful approach to design created an eye-pleasing, customer-friendly website chocked full of information.

Best of all, I'm set for future success. The site is ready for SEO optimization and will grow with me as my business expands its services in 2024. I highly recommend working with Avery Atelier for your SEO and branding needs.

More Time With Family. More Time For You.

“What? Like It’s Hard?” ~ Elle Woods

While SEO for wedding pros has its unique challenges because of saturation, it isn’t like trying to get into Harvard. However, the wedding industry is competitive enough—Why worry about doing all of the hustling on your own?

Nowadays, everyone is a photog/planner/dj/etc., but the difference is that you’re a professional.

Pros Don’t Advise Clients to DIY


You Should Take Your Own Advice


More Experienced Than Most

I get it. With 12 years of experience inside the trenches of weddings, I know exactly what it feels like during the slow season. Or the stressful cycle of feast or famine. I’d like to help you change that.

And frankly, you have food to put on the table.

How to get started

As a heads up, I move pretty quickly with my services, so please only sign up for services if you’re able to communicate consistently for at least 4-6 weeks.

I take deadlines more serious than making the perfect mac n’ cheese.


Time to Get Started

Reaching out

It’s time to start this salsa dance! Head over to my pricing guide the link below, then contact me! I’ll set up a meeting ASAP so we can go over your goals and vision. 


After the Video Chat

The Audit

After our meeting, I’ll begin the auditing process to get a better feel for your current brand and website positioning. This will take about a week or less, so get ready to party!


Strategy Development

Making a Plan

This is when the magic starts! Once we agree to a plan, the process will begin. My SEO services follow a specific timeline, while my branding/website services will take 4 weeks or so.

For Your Burning Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Contract?

The one thing I really need to emphasize is that SEO takes time. Especially wedding SEO—most markets are super saturated.

Just like any meaningful change, it only sticks if it’s gradual. We ask for a minimum of three months, but if you’re looking for real, meaningful growth, you should consider investing in 6+ months.

Regardless of time commitment, there will be a contract to protect you!

When you contact us, we’ll discuss what your goals are and the amount of time these needs/goals might need.

Can You Guarantee Page 1?

SEO is, much like the weather, more or less unpredictable. Sure, there are a lot of “musts,” but it is impossible to forecast a definite outcome. However, we can guarantee improvement! The great news is that because wedding clients are looking for the best fit, even reaching page 2 or 3 can be beneficial!

I'm not sure this is the right time. What do you think?

If you’re ready to make more money and increase traffic to your site, that’s a good first sign! On a more technical side, you’ll benefit most from having a business at least 2-3 years old, a blog with multiple posts, and an established review presence.

Don’t fret! If you’re just starting out, we can help you create a game plan so you don’t have to redo anything as time passes.

Will you work with my competitors?

We’ll only work with 2-3 of each vendor type in each local industry. For example, if you’re looking to be found as a wedding caterer in Dallas, depending on your goals, we’ll only accept 1-2 more caterers. It’s on a first come, first service basis, so if someone’s needs clash with yours, we’ll turn them down and stay focused on you. 

Who is your ideal client?

Believe it or not, but SEO isn’t right for everyone—specifically those looking for a quick fix. SEO for wedding professionals will take some time, due to the competitive nature of the industry. Expect real results between 6-9 months.

If you’re not in the position to wait that long and trust the process, you would be better served looking into PPC ads or expos.

I need just seo/branding/website work. Is it okay to do just one?

Absolutely! I have some wedding pros that do just SEO and some that only hire me for branding/website work. I’m flexible, no matter what!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! While SEO has its own payment plans, we also offer them for brand development and website builds! 

Are You Ready to Get More Event Inquiries?

Reach Out for SEO or Branding!

If you’re ready to get this journey going, go ahead and fill out this contact form! I’ll be in touch within one business day. Don’t worry—even if you just have some questions, that’s alright. No pressure! 

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