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Valance Counseling



Duration: 6 Weeks

I’ve worked with Christy through the years as a photographer, so when he asked me to help him make a website, it was absolutely a “HELL YEAH!” for me!

While his logo was already made, he wasn’t a fan of his old colors (“So much brown!”). So I sat down and researched all of his competitors. But they aren’t really competitors, because most therapists don’t have branding.

So then I focused on creating a color palette he’d love. With his brand expansion, he said he was really inspired by alchemy. So I decided to find a way to incorporate a futuristic feel without overwhelming or losing the brand intention.

In the end, we created a visually inclusive brand for those looking for religious trauma and sex therapy. Every time I open his website, I fall in love with it again!

And the coolest part? Less than a month after launch, he needed to create a waiting list!



Color Palette


“I’ve worked with Jenna across multiple businesses and industries and they are consistently reliable, kind, communicative and competent. I couldn’t be prouder of my website or happier with the experience.”

Christy Powell