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Visual identity development services for entrepreneurs who are ready for a change. 

Feeling “Blah” About Your Website? That’s Completely Normal.

Every brand needs an update at times. If McDonalds never rebranded, we wouldn’t have gotten the golden arches, and if Blue Ribbon Sports kept its original name, it never would have blossomed into Nike. Change isn’t the enemy — sometimes, it’s essential to growth.

Looks Matter.

Why do people judge a book by its cover? Because it’s the quickest way to decide which one to grab off the shelf. People are using the same logic to size up your brand. 

Your brand’s website design is the first thing people notice about your business (and it often happens on a subconscious level). It plays a role in your perceived credibility, trustworthiness, and your ability to convert customers. It’s worth the effort to give it an upgrade.

The Value of Visual Identity Development Services

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Understand your ideal client

and make the right changes to target them

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Build a memorable website

that people think of when they need your services

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Boost your brand’s perception

so you can charge more and work less—and enjoy life more

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Nail web design the first time

by laying the groundwork with research and strategy

Livia Pope

Livia Pope

All Dolled Up Hair and Makeup

“I hired Jen for a brand refresh and new website and what I got was magical.”

Every single aspect of my site feels like what I want the brand to represent. My color palette reflects our favorite eye shadow palettes, the icons are mascara wands, there are lipstick swatches in the shapes of hearts... I also wanted my brand to make EVERYBODY feel welcome; I definitely got that.

Visual Identity Development Packages

Branding Essentials

Replace or refine your wordmark, color palette, iconography, graphics, typefaces, and overall positioning.

WordPress Web Design

Get up to 7 pages custom-built with professional homepage copy, CMS, blog setup, and the SEO basics.

Regular Upkeep

Your website gets 12 months of hosting and regular maintenance free, so it always works as it should.

The Rebrand


Ready to go all-out? The Rebrand is a full-on makeover.

We’re knocking walls down, changing the floorplan, and honing in on every detail.

The Rebrand is for business owners who want to bring their brand to the next level. Together, we study your market, pinpoint your dream clients, redesign your visual identity, and position you to reach your goals.

**This service only comes with a wordmark—no additional graphic elements to the logo. If you’d like to expand your rebrand further, we will happily make this happen for an additional investment. 

Up To 7 Pages


Mobile Responsive

Identity Development

SEO Optimized

Homepage Content



The Brand Expansion


Love your brand as it stands and want to kick it up a notch? Let’s repaint the walls and rip out that old carpet.

It’s time for a refresh.

The Brand Expansion is for brands that are functional as-is and need a website to bring it up a notch. Maybe you need new icons, a different font, or fresh colors in your palette. We’re here to give your brand a big boost through a visually striking website. 

Up To 7 Pages

Identity Expansion

Mobile Responsive


SEO Optimized

Homepage Content



Our Visual Identity Development Process

The Atelier Way



The first step is to reach out. We’ll schedule a no-commitment call to bounce ideas around and make sure we’re a great fit. Then once we lock in, the real fun begins — putting in the prep work for a successful WordPress website!


Brand Development (2-3 Weeks)

In this phase, we explore your market, target audience, current visual identity, and what it could become. Discovery is a big part of this step, but we promise your homework is fun. You’ll receive three logo options that you’ll narrow down to one, and after 2 rounds of revision, you get your final brand deliverables.


Website Design (3-5 Weeks)

Time to build from the foundation we’ve set. We kick off web design with more exploration and discovery—via our offered section templates—before you see your first wireframes. Then after revisions, we cross the t’s, dot the i’s, and finalize your new WordPress website.


Onward & Upward

Your new brand and site are ready for the world! We help build buzz for your launch and empower you with training to keep your site up to date. (But don’t worry, we’re here for the technical stuff — and you get a year of maintenance free.)

What The Gossips Are Saying

I've worked with Jenna across multiple businesses and industries and they are consistently reliable, kind, communicative and competent. I couldn't be prouder of my website or happier with the experience.

Christy Powell Avatar Christy Powell

Absolutely thrilled with everything Jen provided for my business, Inhale Fitness. Jen’s expertise and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. My website by Avery Atelier is not only visually stunning... read more

Cody Horn Avatar Cody Horn

I have a makeup and hair company called AllDolledUpATX and I hired Jen to create a brand refresh and whole new website for me and what I got was something... read more

Livia Pope Avatar Livia Pope

P.S. A Note About Our Kinds of People…

Avery Atelier isn’t for everyone, and we’re proud of that. But if you’re passionate about inclusivity, energized by change, dedicated to your brand, and willing to get your hands dirty to make it shine, then we’ll be the perfect fit.

Ready For a Change?

If your web design is a snooze fest or your palette no longer pops, it’s time to reimagine your visual identity. Reach out to explore what your brand could be.