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A SWOT Analysis Is Like Creating For A Siege At Your Castle

Protect Your Small Business With A SWOT Analysis

When I think of a SWOT analysis, I envision a castle preparing for a siege. It has a moat, enough guards, and even some archers. But what if the enemy has trebuchets? Or there’s a secret entrance to the castle no one knew about?

Preparing a SWOT analysis is very similar to preparing for a siege. You’re in this for the long-haul, so now let’s focus on the best way to survive!

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, and is a fantastic way to get a bird’s-eye view of your business landscape.

As a note, your SWOT analysis is a living document, so make sure to create your first SWOT analysis with this in mind.


Unearthing Your Superpowers: Strengths are your business’s superpowers – the things that make you stand out in a crowd. Identifying these helps you know what to flaunt and build upon.

Example: Picture a small, local bakery. Its strengths might be its mouth-watering, unique cupcake flavors and a loyal local customer base that swears by its treats. These strengths are the bakery’s sweet spot, helping it to stand out in the competitive food market.


Embracing and Fortifying the Flaws: Every business has its kryptonite, but knowing yours is half the battle won. Recognizing weaknesses allows for strategic improvement.

Example: Consider a quaint bookshop in a small town. Its weaknesses could include a limited online presence and a small marketing budget. Identifying these areas gives the bookshop a clear idea of what to work on, like boosting its social media presence or finding creative, low-cost marketing strategies.


Spotting the Hidden Gems: Opportunities are like hidden doors waiting to be opened. They are external factors that can propel your business forward if you seize them.

Example: Take a boutique fitness studio specializing in yoga and pilates. An opportunity for this business could be the growing interest in wellness and mental health. By offering workshops or online classes focused on these areas, the studio can attract new clients and expand its reach.


Bracing for Potential Storms: Threats are external factors that could rain on your parade. Being aware of them prepares you to weather any storm.

Example: Imagine a local artisanal handcrafted jewelry store. A potential threat could be the influx of cheap, mass-produced jewelry being sold online. Recognizing this threat enables the store to focus on what sets it apart, like the quality and uniqueness of its handcrafted pieces.

Let’s SWOT It Out!

Creating a SWOT analysis is like making a secret recipe for success. Here’s how to whip it up:

Sketch Your SWOT Map: Take a large sheet of paper and divide it into four quadrants, labeling each as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Brainstorm Each Section: Take a relaxed approach and think through each aspect. Jot down everything that comes to mind for each category.

Link the Dots: See how you can align your strengths to capitalize on opportunities and how you can bolster your weaknesses against potential threats.

Formulate a Strategy: Based on your SWOT analysis, develop actionable strategies that align with your business goals.

Keep It Dynamic: Remember, your SWOT analysis is a living document. Revisit and revise it as your business grows and as the market changes.

Wrapping Up

A SWOT analysis is more than just a business exercise; it’s a journey of discovery and strategic planning. Whether you’re running a bakery, a bookshop, a fitness studio, or a jewelry store, this tool can help you understand your business better and plan your path forward.

So, grab your favorite pen, let’s brainstorm, and set sail towards success. Here’s to mapping out our business adventures and making our entrepreneurial dreams a reality!

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