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12 Unmissable Things To Change When Rebranding

Here Are 12 Things You Cannot Miss When Rebranding

Executing a rebrand is quite a process, especially if your company has been around forever. There’s always a concern about losing brand visibility, website rankings, etc. Just like if you do a name change or move, there’s just a process of remembering everything that needs to be adjusted. 

However, when you’re rebranding, there’s absolutely a way to finesse the change so there are minimal blips. Below, you’ll find a guide that points out the most necessary changes. Of course, you know your business and all of the places people can find your name. Of course, you might not know everything, so let us do a backlink analysis to catch any possible business listings you’ve been added to.

The key is to make the information uniform across the entire internet. Yes, the entire internet. It can be a lot of work, so make sure to reach out and ask if we can help you do the heavy lifting for you.

Rebranding Tips for Small Businesses

Google Search Console

If you’re changing URLs or redoing your company name, it’s SUPER important to not lose all of that link history! In Google Search Console, you can switch the address inside its Settings section. But this takes a lot of preparation if you have a lot to lose from your original site. If you aren’t sure how to do this, it’s important to hire someone to do all of the technicals. 

Possible Required Changes: Email, Website URL


Google Analytics

If you aren’t even attached to GA, then let’s just get you connected. But if you’re already attached to Google Analytics, it’s time to migrate over to Google Analytics 4 anyway. And if you’re already in GA4, then you need to make sure the site itself is changed. 

Possible Required Changes: Email, Website URL

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Google Business Profile

For Local SEO, this is absolutely vital. Make sure everything is updated and filled out as much as possible. Even check your hours and make sure it’s up to date as well. This is one of your storefronts, even if it doesn’t quite seem like it. Make the Google Gods pleased and keep the info fresh. 

Possible Required Changes: Email, Website URL, Company Name, Address, and/or Services 


All Possible Listings

One of the most important rebranding tips is to update all possible business listings. Here’s a quick, but not definitive list of things to update:

  • Yelp
  • Thumbtack
  • Business listings you pay for
  • Any membership groups, like the Chamber of Commerce 

Possible Required Changes: Email, Website URL, Company Name, Logo, Address, and/or Services 


Business Cards

Just like any other print material, you’ll need to make sure the new branding is the same across everything, but business cards especially. This is the foremost way people will think of your company, so make sure they think of it correctly. 

Possible Required Changes: Email, Website URL, Company Name, Logo


Social Media

This should go without saying, but the list is long and overwhelming, so just make sure to change your social media! In fact, it’s a perfect time to invest in branded social media content, to enhance your brand. Instagram, especially, is like a mini-website. Make sure the feed matches the website! 

Possible Required Changes: Email, Website URL, Company Name, Logo



If you’re the type to keep in touch with your clients, now is the time to not only send a Brand Launch newsletter but to make sure the branding is changed too! 

Possible Required Changes: Email, Website URL, Company Name, Logo, Brand Colors



I’ll always recommend using a branding email, like [email protected]. You can do this through Google Workspace, for minimal expense per month, and it looks far cleaner than a or People will absolutely take you more seriously, even if they don’t realize it. 

Possible Required Changes: Email (and updating it everywhere)


Any Giveaways/EBooks

Do you have something you give away on your site for sign-ups? Just like with newsletters, you’ll want to make sure the branding is consistent! 

Possible Required Changes: Email, Website URL, Company Name, Logo, Branding Colors/Fonts


Forwarding URLs

Don’t forget to avoid 404s and redirect all of your old URLs to the new site. If you’re paying someone to do this, then just make sure they do it too! 

Possible Required Changes: Website URL

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Telling Your Clients! 

Naturally, this is a must!! Tell the world about the new change as soon as possible, to cut down any confusion with referrals. Send them a branded email or even a small gift. Do a giveaway on social media to create buzz. Hell, send out a press release! 

Possible Required Changes: Email, Website URL, Company Name, Logo, Brand Colors/Fonts, etc. 


Telling Other Small Businesses! 

The final rebranding tip is another absolute necessity, that some might say is the most important. Potential clients and current clients are easier to convert to the change than vendors you’ve been working with for years. So make sure to announce it as soon as possible, especially to small businesses that have you on a referral list. 

Possible Required Changes: Email, Website URL, Company Name, Logo

Wrapping Up

Rebranding for small businesses can be an arduous task, but you don’t have to do it alone. If you’re curious how we can help you, make sure to check out our branding options that can really elevate your brand for the upcoming season.

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